Aquabots by EEPROM on June 28, 2002

Capture the Flag Volcanic Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

It’s been almost two months now and still no work and EEPROM is running out of money. Oh well, maybe I can pump out a few more maps before I get taken off the net,, LOL!!

Here is my next creation since my lay off. Its not as impressive as Compromise Line but sure is lots of fun. Aquabots features a new interior of mine called the “Rig”. It looks kind of like an oilrig but more Tribes looking. It also features a wonderful skybox by the world famous Tokrz of Mappers Extreme. Here is the premise:
Two rigs, one for each team. Each is nestled nicely in the middle of an extinct volcano. The planet they are on is mostly water. Well, actually it’s a small moon orbiting a lager Saturn like planet (with bent rings,,,,). I guess CTF is the main course and water jets have been added to your jet pack for extra mobility in the water. I gave you most of the vehicles (excluding the Mobile Base cause for some silly reason it explodes when mixed with water,,,,,, hmmmmmmmmmmm).

Now, BOT support isn’t what I would call an exact science in this map. In fact, the reason why I called it Aquabots was because the damn BOTs seem to hanging out in the water most of the game (excluding the defensive BOTs who try and take care of the Rig). However, even though they don’t seem to be all that smart they sure do make for fun game play by yourself, or even with a friend are two. I’m starting to get the hang of fabbing for T2, I’ve even used LODs this time for you jugs out there. Sorry about the load pic but I had to leave it out so that the vl2 file could be uploaded to tribes2maps. Otherwise Bytor throws a fit and it’s all over then.

Since I am still out of work expect a few more maps to follow this one here real soon. Including a Big Rocks revival and one that I am almost finished with called Force Ten that uses those cool suspension bridges from Compromise Line.


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by Bytor on June 28, 2002 · Rating:

EEPROM, I won't throw a fit, but my scripts might. :) If you wanna get a load pic in there, send me the vl2 via email and I'll replace the one you submitted. Use my email address, not my one.

by ShrikerPunk on June 28, 2002 · Rating:

This map is so kool! i just played it with no peeps =(. though the oil rigs dont remind me of oil rigs. they arnt dirty enough lol. Cant wait to try it out and maybe Rifleman will put it on his server! cuz he put your last map on.

thought id tell ya that one of the turrets are called whatever(sumthing else) turret turret. just incase ya put a load pic in and update it u should fix that too. Bytor please tell us hear once its updated.

umm.....should i wait to rate it when i play with peeps?...........naw

by Silverliquid on June 29, 2002 · Rating:

This map is awesome... EEPROM, you make my favorite maps... I have every map that you have made thats on this website... your awesome man! I hope you find a job! Keep them comin man! I luv ya! See ya around man!

by Alundra on June 29, 2002 · Rating:

The base is *vgca*. I can really tell that you've improved on this stuff with the fps and all, its much better now. Also the base is alot smaller the Comprimise line. The whole ambieance is excellent, though theres one thing that people forget and thats a good use of sound. Though the map is really great with the whole volcano theme. Also with the water being easier to move around it should improve gameplay for these all water maps. The ridges also provide great cover for incomming offense and the base with all its catwalks and outstretching things makes it good for Defensive Snipers and Havoc missile launchers. All in all its a great map with a kick ass theme. And I think we've got a new Akira taking the spotlight here. gj :)

by ToKrZ on June 29, 2002 · Rating:

EEprom, U the Man! I must say this map has got to be one of the most enjoyable maps to play with or without the bots. Keep up the outstanding work and thankx for the oportunity be part of it. "njoy"
toke out........

by EEPROM on June 30, 2002 · Rating:

Na, I'm no Akira, that's for sure. He's got about a year head start on me and interior design so I figure Akira will always be ahead of me. However, I do appreciate the comments! :) Also, and update has been sent to Bytor with a load pic. Hopefuly that will get loaded here soon.

by Darkbolt on June 30, 2002 · Rating:

F'ing incredible. I hope you DONT get a job, i'll send you 1000 bucks a month instead. I just have to it first. Anyway, keep up the great work, your WorldCraft skills are incredible. A+ material all the way!

by Lead Falcon on June 30, 2002 · Rating:

Incredible. I want to ask you though, how did you get this completed so quickly after Comprimise Line? I love the architecture - very sci-fi looking =) i hope you never get a job too... lol

by Reconsquelchdog on June 30, 2002 · Rating:

Big fan of your maps dude. But I have a problem with this one. It won't load for me any thoughts? When I ctrl alt delete it say T2 not responding. When I launch a different map it works. Any clue's?

by Storm Mage on July 1, 2002 · Rating:

The only bug I see in this map is that both sides still have 3 "spare turrets" that are unpowered and inside the walls of the bases. Other than that I love it.

by EEPROM on July 1, 2002 · Rating:

Storm Mage, where those spare turrets are at is a great place to set up a small base inside the enemy rig. No one ever spawns there and most don't even know it's there.

by Iczer3 on July 2, 2002 · Rating:

Ahhhhh, being able to move so quickly through the water really speeds things up. This is an excellent map in all regards, great job *again* EEP. The only thing that really tarnished this map for me is that i got some horrid FPS levels outside on the bases... but it's more than likely my ol' crappy vidcard...

by Dr. Pimento on July 6, 2002 · Rating:

*sighs* ... You know, I am going to give up my attempts at mapping.. with people like you, EEPROM, why should i even try to compete? Just kidding.. I'll keep at it, just lower my expectations a *lot*. Two thumbs up.. and any more that I can find, also. *very happy with map*

by WickedChisel on July 7, 2002 · Rating:

Awesome. Once again, youve proven yourself to be the ultimate mapper in T2. I gave you the A- because of several people I know who cannot even load the map due to load times. Could this be reduced by removing the extra turrets and equipment upstairs? Otherwise, this is without a doubt my favorite base ever. Extremely well laid out, and everything makes perfect sense. I only wish that these custom maps could all be made server side. Ive installed this map on our pub server, but had to remove it (reluctantly) since it emptys the server when it comes up, oh well. Good work EEPROM!

by EEPROM on July 8, 2002 · Rating:

For some reason when I make the vl2 file it causes my maps to take forever to load. I have discovered that simply unzipping the vl2 file to your base folder corrects this load problem. You can use winzip to unzip vl2 files, or at least my vl2 files.

by Vimp on July 15, 2002 · Rating:

I LOVE the building you made. I'm very envious of your creative abilities. Map plays very well. Only complaint I had was that the water looks funny.

by Makavelli on July 24, 2002 · Rating:

Ok yep i an't even load this computer.... i can on my other tho... Map is off da chain... i would have given u a A- for not being able to load... but i shouldn't even play on this computer so [edit] it...

by Rufe_Brush on December 1, 2002 · Rating:

I dont know what its like, because for the last year i have been without T2. I do like waterworlds some, but not very much because it is much harder to find a place to snipe! Oh, and the laser on the laser rifle is just for effect. Its where the crosshair is that the damage is. Ive been waiting to say that forever.BTW, where do I put maps after dling them?