Adumula Iceplains by LoneWolf Team on September 2, 2002

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Starwolf: Adumula Iceplains starts off a Crisis which promises to at once become much deeper than anyone at the Outposts ever dreamed. In this mission, you are to defend a critical tower from an attacking force of Derms that are supposed to be made light of in no time.

This mission has to be played to experienced, quite frankly. The bots are awesome (Capto), the WC shapes are new (CleverClothe/Berk) the skies were made special for this (Dr. Pimento) and there are even voices (Death Lobster), since Lt. Kienze didn't have the foresight to record anything for our mission.

This is a team effort:
Dr. Pimento
Mapping (*)
Textures (*)
Terrains (*)
Capto Lamia
Scripting (specialty: Bots) (*)
Death Lobster
Voice (*)
Music (*)
Storyline (*)
Map design, text only
Web (*)
WC (*)
(*)-denotes head of department

Give it a try, and stay tuned for the rest of the StoryLine!


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by Dr. Pimento on September 2, 2002 · Rating:

A request: *please* do not use the structures in this map. As soon as the entire Chapter is out, our work is public domain, we've voted. (Right guys?) Until then, please do your part to make this a "fresh" experience? Thanks! ~DP

by nutcracker on September 3, 2002 · Rating:

I had high hopes and they were correct! This is a great mission from the best in the business, they have voiveovers too. Can't wait for the next maps!

by Death Lobster on September 3, 2002 · Rating:

In other words, if you use the buildings, we will hunt you down, and you can use your imagination for the rest.

by Dr. Pimento on September 3, 2002 · Rating:

Textures are missing from the computer terminals. Update was sent to Bytor. I will post when it's in. Sorry, guys.. my fault.

by Knell on September 4, 2002 · Rating:

How am I supposed to finnish it without losing all my lives? The objective says get to extraction zone, i get to the extraction zone, hop in the havoc and all that happens is a bunch of derms come over and try to shoot it down. What are people supposed to do in a mission like this?

by Makavelli on September 4, 2002 · Rating:

HA! finally! the below comment... i had this too... i mentioned it to Tha Doc. Put um... Doc i'm not seeing he Training Menu Picture in your VL2 ? or am i blind... or blond... or stupid.. or all of tha above... mabe i'm just outa my mind ?

by 0wN5 j00 on September 4, 2002 · Rating:

Pure Gold is all I have to say. I've played this mission for about 2 hours now, and I marvel at it. I love it and can't wait to for the other to come out.
The voice acting is great, yet can use a little work. But overall... WOW!
The Prefab is a little to boring. Nice textures on the computer, but overall, I think the Prefab needs the most work. If you need any help come to me

by Dr. Pimento on September 4, 2002 · Rating:

The havoc is merely "reinforcement", not the objective. To beat the mission, just head to the extraction waypoint, where your teammates wait for you. 5 seconds later.. Ta-Tum! Mission complete.

by Sparky on September 4, 2002 · Rating:

I don't comment on maps very often (maybe thats a good thing :)) but I had to comment on this one. This map is unique in that there are very few singleplayer missions out there. This map is original from start to finish from custom sky to custom textures, teriors and sound (the voice sounds like Jack Nicholson, kinda)the game play is good, the bots are well scripted and tough. All in all a great map looking forward to more (just a side note the map suspension redemption has a script in it (not my teleporters,heh) that screws up the singleplayer part of tribes2 so if you are having trouble just delete the .vl2 and the .dso's and all should be good)

by Makavelli on September 5, 2002 · Rating:

DOWNLOAD THIS RIGHT NOW. THIS IS OFF THA CHAIN, OFF THA HOOK, AND IS POPIN TTHA HOOD. If you like 67' Shelby Mustang, then this is the SP mission for YOU! If you like 2003 Caddy Escalade, wth are you waiting for. If you like a Mini-van... um..well... this might fix ya ;) PS: tex i luv you.

by Q-Ice on September 5, 2002 · Rating:

Wow guys! I have been reading along on the EZboard site and all I can say is this is truly amazing! I wish i could be part of a team like this. I will play this ASAP. Thanks for the cool map u guys rock!

by Dr. Pimento on September 5, 2002 · Rating:

Two things. 1) It has been noted that if you get in the Havoc, the mission will not end. So: DON'T get in the Havoc! 2) This shows up as "Orsini", not "Adumla: Iceplains". Sorry for that mixup. :-)

by Dr. Pimento on September 5, 2002 · Rating:

Here's the reason: In the storyline, you'll have around 10 missions. Plus, you can't save in-game.. it would be stupid to be TKed by your own turret, and have 35 minutes of gametime wasted. See? :)

by Capto Lamia on September 5, 2002 · Rating:

If you want the mission to last longer never goto the extraction point. The Derm Reavers will magicly seek you out and try to kill you. Most of them anyway. If not hang out at the tower thats where they go.
Secret hint from the Code Monkey

by Alundra on September 5, 2002 · Rating:

This SP is a really kick ass map, with all the colaboration and things, this is one of the funnest things to play with all the hoard of bioderms comming in at you. Its supper neato fast paced action, where its SL, spinfusor, snipe, go go go kill kill kill. I think this map is very impresive and if you plan on doing more, by all means make it asap.

by EEPROM on September 5, 2002 · Rating:

GOD DAMN!!!!!!!! This is what I am talking about!!! If Dynamix had half a brain in their head when they made T2 they would have done more of this type of single player mission type. Great job guys. If I had a gaming company I would hire all of your, great job! Interiors and overall map design are not what I would have done but what you have works 100 times better then what I have ever produced for the Torque engine. I have only one problem with this posting however, since it was clearly a team effort and not the doing of a single creator then I feel the map author should have been the team instead. Then again, I need to start practicing this advise too,,,, :)

by CleverClothe on September 6, 2002 · Rating:

This whole thing has many names. LoneWolf is one of them. And don't worry about more missions. We are planning several chapters of 8-10 missions each.

by Dr. Pimento on September 6, 2002 · Rating:

Correct. CodeName:Lonewolf was the name of the team when we started it, and a few weeks after beginning, I created an account here. The entire team has access to this account, and is able to make posts, etc in the team's name. I shoulda had a different e-mail address, tho.. :/ Ah well. Heh. I wouldn't *dream* of taking credit for this.. :)

by 2MA on September 6, 2002 · Rating:

Heeeeeelp? Just downloaded map doesnt show on my game select,downloaded another map just to see if there was a problem it showed up what gives 2MA

by Dr. Pimento on September 6, 2002 · Rating:

The map will show up under the "Training" tab, not the "Lan game" tab. It's mission name is "Orsini", select it from the list that will be on the left side of your screen. (After you select "Training")

by Red Shifter on September 6, 2002 · Rating:

This owns anything I've ever played. The bots are stupid, but the gameplay is fast and furious. I just wish that extraction waypoint was more clear... I went over, stood there, and then a havoc came out of nowhere with a bunch of people shooting at me... and they were on my team! Other than that, and the incredible amounts of system lag I got, this is an amazing map. You people just need to develop your own single player GUI...

Red Shifter - The Legendary Cynic of Siege

by Dr. Pimento on September 6, 2002 · Rating:

Red: We are. I am. I have. :D It'll be released with the chapter. :) It'll have functions like mission points to accumulate, teammates to choose/configure, etc. etc.. 90\% done, too! :)

by starstriker1 on September 6, 2002 · Rating:

Well, I was part of the team, so it wouldn't be fair for me to grade. However, having played this from the early versions (no havoc yet!), I can definetly say that this was a blast to play. Often, I'd just ski right to the invos at the top of the base, get into light duelest config, and mine the far off tower (where the derm sniper sits). Saves me so much hell :D

by Iczer3 on September 7, 2002 · Rating:

:o WeLL... after testing it for the better part of the night (the other 1/2 was spent doing some Alpha testing for a mod :p ) I've come to cast my verdict. It is pretty fun, and (if the bakabots would get somewhat smarter) can help you with your dueling skills if need be. BUT there is one or two flaws i noticed (although one's probably just my vid card's age).
1. For some reason Capto wishes to stand whilst he pilots the havoc... (Please keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times and keep your seatbelts fastened and enjoy the ride capto!!! :p )
and the other is
2. when things start to REALLY heat up next to the tower i start to experience some slowdown...
The one big drawback to the map that i've seen is that i feel it's a little too close to the Bloodjewel SP mission... It seems practically the same, but on a much larger scale. But i'm not gonna drop you for that, the others will probably be much more diverse! :)

by Shadow Facts on September 7, 2002 · Rating:

THIS IS A GREAT MAP, one of the best single player missions that i've ever played. I also like the bots that pilote the HAVOC, GREAT WORK. carn't wait t'll the other missions come out

by Dr. Pimento on September 12, 2002 · Rating:

*hands GhettO a coughdrop* I shall e-mail Bytor. I thought it'd be apparent that the "person" LoneWolf would be recognized as our team. :/ Ah well.. it shall (?) be changed soon.. :)

by Dr. Pimento on September 15, 2002 · Rating:

They did a good job, didn't they? :) It's nice.. I still play it myself! :D Good training.. and lots of fun, especially with the M2 beta to follow the storyline.

by Dr. Pimento on September 15, 2002 · Rating:

Is that a compliment? ;) If so, thanks.. but I don't see how you can compare a CTF map to this one. Hopefully those two types can remain separated in the minds of the reviewiers. :)