Adumla Foothills by LoneWolf Team on December 25, 2002

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1) This mission is proccessor intensive, due to graphics, and CPU load for AI management.

2) The "Dynamix Final Update" is required in order to play this mission.

Mission two in the Adumla Crisis series, Adumla Foothills places you in the position of defending what could be called a small fortress. Nestled in a hidden valley, just off the Adumla Iceplains sits Delta Bunker, now seeing emergency role as rearming station for the desperately regrouping StarWolf forces.

After the massacre on the IcePlains, the StarWolf pack is looking to rearm, regroup, and press the attack, but a sudden and surprise force of BioDerms disrupts the plan.

Use your skills to defend your people, and lead them to safety.

Thanks for waiting.. know this has been a while in coming out.

Worked on this map:

Dr. Pimento - mapping

Death Lobster - voices

Capto Lamia - scripting

Dr. Pimento - support scripting

BinderAJ - storyline

StarStriker, Tex, Uncle Bob - cameo voices

CleverClothe - Buildings

Vimp - textures

And the rest of the Beta team for ironing things out! (And giving Doc a million headaches. ;)

Have fun!

The mission will show up as "Orsini", exactly like the last. The difference will be in the planet picture, and in the briefing.

Two .TXT files are in the .VL2 as well: one is a roster list of the LoneWolf Team, the other is a troubleshoot of sorts, alerting you to a few of the bugs that just happen, despite our best efforts.

Good luck...


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by Q-Ice on December 26, 2002 · Rating:

WOW! The next map is finally out! The first one definately kicked ass and now I am sure that this one will exceed the previous. Damn I wish I was part of this team, it must be fun.
I'll comment back once I have tried it.

by Dr. Pimento on December 26, 2002 · Rating:

Yes, dang it, Tex.. I think your voice is the best part of the mission. (Not in a gay way, just.. it's cool) Fits very wel.. And I second his motion to DL this map. ;)

by Ubernator on December 26, 2002 · Rating:

This mission rocks just like the first. Fast-paced, team-oriented, large scale, multi-person vehicles everything that should have been in the Dynamix single player missions is all right here!

And apparently you guys have many more to come... wow. Keep up the professional work team.

by Q-Ice on December 26, 2002 · Rating:

I agree with Dr.P that Tex's voice is great along with starstriker's VERY NICE addition. Although starstriker does sound like a girl the first time he speaks...oops... :)

by Dr. Pimento on December 26, 2002 · Rating:

I never noticed. Thought StarStriker fit in just as well as Tex.. and I also thought it was cool to not only use a few well-known names, but to have the *real voices* to go with those names. =D

by Cyborg_Boba_fet on December 27, 2002 · Rating:

man this rocked. i don't know if everything worked right. like first starstriker drove the mpb into the hill. and then tex wasn't even close to the other mpb he was spose to repair or something. then the mpb starstriker was in suddenly disapeared then reapeared were tex was. then starstriker started to go to the extraction point running a teamate over lol.

by Dr. Pimento on December 27, 2002 · Rating:

The .TXT in the .VL2 answers several questions.. =) StarStriker sometimes takes a header into the mountain.. so I have him reset, when it's time for him to move again. 8) Can't help the teammate being run over.. ;) But if you'll notice, it doesn't reset to where Tex was... he resets to where StarStriker started.

by starstriker1 on December 27, 2002 · Rating:

A LOT slower than we'd like. IF your interested in helping out, go to . It would be much appreciated!

by BinderAJ on December 27, 2002 · Rating:

Greta job guys. Red, yes development is slow because we have 1 or 2 bot scripters...and they have to check the entire mission script code on each bug the beta team yeah its a bit slow..but we mean business ;).

by MetaBeta on December 28, 2002 · Rating:

hmm... This is a tough one to grade.

Honestly I didn't like the voices, no emotion. Its pretty funny when they tell you that the mission failed and you lost it all but they talk in monotones voices.. heheh.

It also keeps you confined in a small area, no real adventure aspect to it. But hey, an A- for going through all the trouble. =)

by Dr. Pimento on December 28, 2002 · Rating:

Yeah. It's hard.. because the computer resources are being used so much for AI and such.. vis. and mission size had to walk a fine line to avoid unplayability. Good news: Mission 4 is over 4K square... =D

by CleverClothe on December 29, 2002 · Rating:

DP, weren't you the one what told me its TWO "u" 's ? Oh, and those that go adventuring, get their base taken. ;) "Our base is taken!"

by Alundra on December 30, 2002 · Rating:

Yeah this map is pretty, good. Very cool how the whole team works out, I could probably help out, but I got no time cause I'm trying to work on my own map which isn't even going to be done soon.

by bara on January 1, 2003 · Rating:

pretty good. i had a lot of fun playing this mission.
would've liked grayish sky more maybe.
voice-acting was not too impressive with the commander guy and reinforcements.
would be good, obviously, if the derms wouldn't just stand around doing nothing and instead hunt you actively.
really looking forward for more.

by Dr. Pimento on January 1, 2003 · Rating:

Thanks for the looks, and the reviews. Believe it or not, but the team takes every comment into consideration when creating the next map. =)

by Raptorlynx on January 5, 2003 · Rating:

Im downloading it at the moment . by the comments it looks a lot better than the 1st one... Can't wait for the 3rd one

by Ensign Munro on January 12, 2003 · Rating:

*pats Tex on the back* its ok, tex. We all get bad voices sometime in our lives. Don't feel sad. Im here for you every step of the way to recovery. Great job on the Map, Team. I beat on the first time i played it. It is a little grpahic intense, but, hell, if its a good map,download it and play it. Again, Great job on the map.

by Mr Tagomi on April 11, 2003 · Rating:

everyone who gave this map an A- should die. And then in hell they should be made to create it themselves, to see how hard it is, over and over again. I salute you, single player proj!

by evelas on April 12, 2003 · Rating:

First off I hope starstriker isn't as bad of a pilot as his bot. Runs into the mountain every time, so I have no clue what happens after that =p. I had a lot of fun shooting down the two havocs though. Just hit em with missiles and 2-4 mortars finish em all off :). I also had a problem where one of the enemy bots hid somewhere and I couldn't find him. Because of that it didn't even get to the point where StarStriker amazingly rams a mountain. Also, when the MPB was supposed to be "repaired", it was never repaired. I hanged around for about 10 minutes and decided to kill all of the green headed monsters! =p (Have fun trying to find more game errors, I doubt there are many more =p)

by Dr. Pimento on April 15, 2003 · Rating:

Check out the .txt... I believe that it addresses a few issues. Firstly, I can't get SS to not drive into the mountain.. so after you kill the last enemy in the wave, the MPB resets itself, and from then on, it's good. =) I hate it when bots hide, too.. that's a bug that I couldn't help the way I was programming.. but M3 eliminates the problem. =D

by Scaled_One on August 29, 2003 · Rating:

It'd be a solid A+ save for the fact that it's so processer for M3, have faith, it's still being worked on.

....I hope

by R7X3 on September 17, 2003 · Rating:

well, aside from the bugs, ("thanks for the fire support" line blaring over and over without end, enemys hiding under the bridge like some kind of troll, and bot driving the jerico right off the bridge once.) this is a decent map, shure its kind of short, but hey, how often do you get the chance to knock a havoc full to the brim with bioderms out of the sky? who then all rain down on your head and start flinging blue frisbees with the intent of turning you into a pile of charred carbon and a thick ozone smell.
definately B+ material, perhaps if it gets fixed up bugwise, then it might jump up to A or even A+ material.

by starstriker1 on October 2, 2003 · Rating:

When Pimento can get off his lazy ass and gives us what he has to beta test. That should be shortly, because I, being the forum admin, can punish him until he decides to behave. ;)

by kLUMSY bOT on December 20, 2003 · Rating:

starstriker got stuck as he was driving up to the bridge.... kept draining his energy, so i got out the back and tried to give him a push... but to no avail. i had to give him a *mappers* assist (move the mpb)

by starstriker1 on January 3, 2004 · Rating:

If you managed to track down all the bioderms in the wave "starstriker" would be given a scripted assist. :P Its Pimentos little hack.

by kLUMSY bOT on April 12, 2004 · Rating:

lol i tried to give him a push by running into him with the grav cycle. i managed to flip the mpb by doing so, and failed the mission.