Empyrosis by Killin is fun on June 25, 2002

Siege Volcanic Foggy

Empyrosis is a fairly complex siege map set in a volcanic environment. The attackers must first take out three solar panels located on the roof of the defender's main base. The destruction of the panels brings down the forcefields protecting two more generators, each located in peripheral towers near the main base. When the attackers destroy these generators, the forcefields protecting the main base come down, allowing access to a third generator. With this generator's destruction, more forcefields in the towers come down, allowing the attackers to destroy two generators.

SectionX by ]uK[GnomesWear on June 24, 2002

Arena Volcanic Foggy Night

Map was currently released and has been checked for errors many times and have found none. Ive taken many opinions of the tribal arena community and 95\% of them have enjoyed this map. Its versatality is what is mainly enjoyable for any type of fun. I would defintly like to see this map that others and I worked very hard on.

Overheated by N8theGR8 on June 17, 2002

Capture the Flag Volcanic Clear

I hope you have as much fun on this map as i have......if you dont feel like riding a grav cycle around the long paths of bridges like a wildman who thinks he is in the daytona 500, then you will enjoy the gameplay with 2 large bases and 1 neutral base in the middle which hovers over a lake of lava. Ill tell you now if someone utilizes the barrel packs which are somewhere in the base.....no one will get in and out without a scare

Skies Aflame by starstriker1 on May 31, 2002

Siege Volcanic Clear

This is my first seige map, and I hope I am introducing an entirely new style of siege gameplay. This map is based on heavy vehicle use... vehicles are vital to the attackers AND defense.

The defense has 5 generators, all of them on the outside of the base. This makes them very vulnerable to bomber fire or a dumped load of heavies. However, they are spread out enough so that no bomber can take out two or more in a single run.

At their disposal the defense has a hanger under the main base. This hanger contains 9 shrikes, most of which respawn.

Crystal Shards by Dr. Pimento on May 30, 2002

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Siege Volcanic Clear Bots Night

What can you do to destroy a Diamond Sword world? It already looks like Hell.. what's left to do to it? When the Diamond Sword troops came home, at first glance, everything was as they had left it. It soon became apparent, however, that nothing at all remained unsoiled by a pillaging Horde detachment. Even the air stank of the enemy, and few now will live, even on the sites of their homes.

Crystal Shards brings an interesting twist to gameplay.

Plat Storm by Sun Quan on May 25, 2002

Arena Volcanic Storming Night

Far far away on the planet Zorgo where the two tribes once met, have vanished. All that is left is Zorgo's moon Zygop, now the two tribes have traveled on a space ship to Zygop for unknown reasons, many for wealth since Zygop is another resource center.

Map contains a very moderate platform that has bridges and force fields and etc.. Control switch on the top controls sensor on bottom, this map was meant for very fast game-play; too slow = die. Watch out not to fal off the edges or else......

Map by: Sun Quan

Vulgar Dark by Shadow Facts on May 24, 2002

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Bots Client Side

This is another CTF with bots to. Each team has a main base that has the base generator and the vehicle pad generator. The base generator powers the turrets; there is plasma turret and one missile turret, as well as powering the inventory stations. The flag is located at the entrance of the main base. There are also several lava pools like the ones in molten realm, but they go around in a semicircle to the other base. There is only on real path that goes from vehicle station the vehicle station.