Pyro Walk by Makavelli on July 19, 2002

Capture the Flag Volcanic Clear Night

small story:
In the center of the Diamond Sword Volcano of Pyro, a cival war breaks out. The two tribes fight for control of the volcano and Pyro Center.

Small - Med Map. Two "customs" bases (still SS w/ Final Pack) kinda buried flag. There is a center tower. Nice map for good gameplay. Favors Heavy Armor and heavy caps...

Note this map was done like 3 months ago, i finally decided to release it....


more clamp turrets... 8 min 16 max...

PLZ GIVE FEEDBACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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by Makavelli on July 19, 2002 · Rating:

Forgot to add... there are 2 vpads per a side... (i like small area dogfights...) The Center Tower has 4 base turrets to help stop cappers. Missiles on top and an ELF on each side. Hope You guys like it. Also Plz Respond And Rate. No One Eva Does =\ i guess i must suck :(

by Lexor on July 19, 2002 · Rating:

It looks nice and I was gonna test it out on my mod but unfortunately it seems to use the Dynamix Final Pack interiors, which IMHO makes is Client Side.

by Lexor on July 20, 2002 · Rating:

Oops, sorry I didn't see that in the description the first time. I don't mind people calling their maps SS with the Dynamix interiors, as long as they say so :)

by Makavelli on July 20, 2002 · Rating:

Lol, ok can u plz TEST my map then GRADE it ? like i said i think i've gotten 2 grades on all of my 6 maps =\ this doesn't help me.... AHHH plz rate...

by starstriker1 on July 21, 2002 · Rating:

4 turrets on a base? Might be a little much... and might be an FPS hog on lower end systems... I'll try to get a rating in when I get back.

by Makavelli on July 21, 2002 · Rating:

no, four turrets on the center base, two on the ground and two in the air... so it's not too bad... lower end systems... heck i mapped it on a p3 450 w/ 256 sdram amd 32mb sdram vid card =\ so i'm lower end... i had no problems