Ashen Powder by Cinderkarst on August 14, 2004

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Shapes

Here is the final map of the xC map pack, finally. :)

Ashen Powder is based on an old post by Evil Napkin as well as a mission in the Playstation game Warhawk.

The battleground is about 1000km away from a massive volcanic eruption site. The explosion of the cinder cone has covered the ground in a dense cloud of dust and debris. Even now, bombs and ash still fall from the sky. Within this choking fog, two teams battle it out the only way they know how.

The flags stand over 850m apart, on the "lip" of each team's base. The base is filled with things one might expect to be within a base, and is protected by two forcefields and two turrets. One of the two generators powers the rear forcefield, and when knocked out provides easy access for the enemy offense.

Out on the back porch, you have a vehicle pad, and directly below there is a single independent INV.

Also, in a very large crater, there is a tactically-viable capturable objective.

I hope AP is an exciting close to the xC map pack! Thank you all for your support and help. :)

Report any problems or errors to cinder(AT)def-rangers(DOT-ORG).


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by Cinderkarst on August 21, 2004 · Rating:

There are two very obvious (now) glitches on this map. One of the lava pools isn't properly listed (it works as water) and the terrain under one of the structures doesn't touch on the "sidewalk" portion of the base. An update is coming.