Abacus by Jugger d2 on April 1, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Clear Client Side Night

Abacus uses crates for the full enjoyment of it. The crates will make the rooms feel different. Its nothing like you've seen. Think you can get to the gen room? Well show me how. Think you can get out of the room with flag? Well then get by the satchel man waiting behind a crate. Each base his only one entrance, only one exit.
Your mission: Get by the first entrance, there could be a satchel right under your feet. Then if you make it you will get to the next area. Where the defenders may be waiting with shields and mortar just waiting for you to pop out. And finally the last stretch for the flag, but there's someone on your gith and on your left, and your life is being sucked by an elf turret. Ok you finally have it. Now make it back through everything again. Then there's the 1200m-1300m race for your base. Bonne chance...


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by Jugger d on April 2, 2003 · Rating:

Yes it would be hard to cap but that was what i was going for. Hard to cap, TEAM WORK. I'm suggesting your tribes use this map for practice. Not to get credit, for me, but to improve your skills. Team work is important in this map.

by Piccolo22 on April 7, 2003 · Rating:

Awesome map! I love the flag being underground. The underground gameplay is just a really cool idea. It makes it a lot more challenging because you have to go all of the way into the base, and get out. Plus, you've got to watch out for those missile turrets.=). Great job Jugger.

by Cheesed-Off on June 16, 2003 · Rating:

checked out your screen shots you must have worked a long time because streching like that takes a lot of time and it does make the rooms look better

by Mr Tagomi on June 27, 2003 · Rating:

Well my machine is a poor representation of most peoples' computers but still it was quite FPS lackin when I had a run around the bases. The crates just turn it all into a slideshow for me.