Watery Grave by Red Shifter on September 17, 2004

Arena Deathmatch Other Clear Night

Watery Grave is the sequel to Watery Death, a map that made many Arena players fear splash damage in ways that one would never imagine.

You know how this works: your equipment is given to you upon spawn via your favorites. You cannot use any armor besides the default Light. Shoot the center of any of the 64 tiles, and it will disappear for a few seconds. Anyone can fall into the gap created by the disappearing platforms, and fall to their doom - to which you get credit for the kill!

In Deathmatch, you launch into the air upon respawn. It's a little head-start to your descent to doom.

Watery Grave has been a long time coming. But now it is here.


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by Red Shifter on September 20, 2004 · Rating:

Deathmatch gametype, and credit for killing someone who falls into the lava when they would have hit a platform.

Red Shifter - The Legendary Cynic of Siege

by Dark_Harlequin on September 21, 2004 · Rating:

I had already left a comment i thought but since it appears i haven't i'll leave one again. Nice improvements on the original concept RS. This map is a must have.