PitchBlack by WARriorTribesMEN on July 20, 2001

Other Volcanic Clear Bots Client Side Night

Close to your planets atomsphere, a planet close by hardly provides any light at all. The ground is so dark that you will not be able to see any attacking enemies from afar and even near impossible if they are cloaked. The goal of your mission, if you decide to accept,--- is to destroy the opposing teams generators(plural). And YES, there are two generators in seperate towers for you and your teammates to destroy. I will let you first hand pick your teamplayers for this mission and get them well suited up, but back to what I was saying. The two generators are the main protection for your team and theirs. Providing protection from either teams flag from being taken. Now I want you and your team to set up defences and provide cover while the other half of your team will either: Defend, Destroy, and Attack the enemies defences. I will need you and your team to give it all you've got! This isn't an easy mission, so be on your guard. Oh! and get me their BLOODY FLAG! Good Luck!


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by PIRANHA on July 20, 2001 · Rating:

This map is really great , and scary! Its so dark , but that is sweet if your going to sneek up on people. The bases are setup very nicely. The Siege mixed with CTF is a great idea! Lots of room to ski through the darkness. Good Work man.

by Burn14 on July 23, 2001 · Rating:

ehhhhh this map is allright. Battling in the dark is pretty cool, but I dont think this map has enough in it. Don't really think you need to Force Feild Generators, and the flag placement shouldn't be so easy to get to. Its a fine map, but the fact its client side will have less ppl attracted to it.