Irwinter by ToKrZ on June 26, 2001

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Client Side

One of my larger, each team has 4 structures to defend, one main base with the flag stand, one vehicle station and two rear defense towers. Water can be advantagiouse to offensive tactics. "Njoy"


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by Star on June 26, 2001 · Rating:

I like the terrain since it was obviously toiled over for a good amount of time. The base layout is very nice since it suits the carefully crafted terrain well. The open flag is a plus, as is the hills on the main island which allow heavies to across it at a decent speed. The water is a unique texture but I was curious as to why a tree would be underwater in one of the base's "moats". I almost ran into it flying my shrike around down there. Excellent map overall.

by RealExtreme on June 26, 2001 · Rating:


Where's my snowboard???? hehehe.......

Cool Map. Allows for some thought to go into battle strategy......Very tactical layout.....

by Cain on June 26, 2001 · Rating:

The Terrain is absolutly fantastic. Right amount of fog + lighting make a great atmosphere without hindering gameplay. Bases are close enough to allow fast-paced gameplay, while far enough away to make bases defendable.

I only had a couple of (easily correctable) problems with it. First, the wind is a cool idea, but it "works" indoors as well. Second, I noticed some serious clipping between the terrain and many of the trees. If these 2 problems were fixed, I'd score it an 'A'.

Overall, this map should make a great addition to any server's maplist. Another great map by Tokerz. :)

by Rilke on June 28, 2001 · Rating:

Another very creative map by Tokrz. The terrain is unique and fun for both ground vehicles and heavies. It will faciliate lots of action, mabye too much with 16 v. 16. Great style, and great idea. There are some problems that need to be fixed: alignment of various trees and brush, alignment of turret and INV in NW Storm tower, more aesthetic alignment of rep packs in towers, terrain smoothing needed around bridge entry points. The lush objects don't look all that bad on snow, but not as good as the badlands structures in Tokrz's snowblind SE. However, I don't like the mix-matching of lush and snow objects. Another creative map, Tokrz; you're very original and I like your style. Do the work to get this map into the A range.